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10 Unusual Wedding Cake Flavours to Get Your Guests Talking

If you’re looking for some inspiration for wedding cake flavours and want to steer away from the ordinary and “traditional”, take a look at these ten unusual flavours that are bold yet utterly delicious. Your guests will struggle to say no to a second helping!
All of the flavours below have been taken from our cake menu, which features a vast amount of wild and wonderful flavour options.

1. Chocolate, Rosemary and Brown Sugar.

Chocolate cake is a firm favourite for most dessert lovers and so it’s often a popular choice for wedding cakes. If you’re trying to steer away from classic combinations such as vanilla or salted caramel, pairing chocolate cake with a rosemary and brown sugar buttercream may be just what you’re looking for. It may sound like an odd combination, but the earthiness of the rosemary and the caramel nutty flavour of the brown sugar pair so beautifully with a rich chocolate cake. The buttercream is a Swiss meringue buttercream, with the classic granulated sugar replaced for brown sugar.

2. Chocolate, Speculoos Spiced Biscuit and Cinnamon Caramel.

For anyone that’s a fan of Lotus biscuit spread or classic Lotus spiced biscuits, they will LOVE this cake. It’s quite a rich flavour but complex enough that it will wow your guests. A rich chocolate sponge, paired with a creamy speculoos spiced biscuit swiss meringue buttercream, with lashings of cinnamon caramel sauce between each layer of sponge. The flavour combination reminds me of Christmas and all the gorgeous spices that are around in winter.

3. Vanilla Bean with Cardamom Buttercream and Orange Curd.

A great way to jazz up a vanilla bean sponge is to pair it with fragrant, citrus notes. I’m a huge fan of cardamom and love the subtle fragrance that it adds to this cake. To give the cake a punch of flavour, fresh orange curd is sandwiched between the layers, blending so perfectly with the lightness of the vanilla and cardamom. It’s sure to be a winner, especially in spring/summer or for those guests who are looking for something lighter than chocolate cake!

4. Dulce de Leche, White Chocolate and Spiced Apple.

If you love the taste of toffee apple or spiced fruit, this combination is bound to be a winner. Dulce de leche is a smoother and richer version of it’s cousin, caramel. It has a beautifully buttery flavour, making it the perfect component for sponge cake. To pair with this rich and super soft sponge, we recommend a creamy white chocolate buttercream, followed by our delicious spiced apple filling made with crisp pieces of apple to contrast with the soft sponge cake. I made this cake several times last year and was often told by friends, family and customers that it was the best cake they had ever eaten. I have to say, I still haven’t found a cake that I love as much as this one!

5. Orange Blossom, Almond and Fresh Orange.

I can’t describe just how beautiful the taste of orange blossom is in this cake. Its such a delicate flavour with floral notes, but not overpowering like other florals such as lavender. Orange blossom features in the super moist almond sponge as well as in the swiss meringue buttercream. To add some tartness and tang, we pair this cake with homemade orange curd. I’ve made this cake for the last two years for Easter Sunday as its such a lovely spring flavour.

6. Champagne, White Chocolate and Rose.

This cake is just perfect for a wedding; a day filled with celebrations and toasts, why not carry on the celebrations with a cake full of champagne! This cake has a lovely light vanilla bean and rose sponge, followed by a champagne drizzle soaked into each layer. Topped with a white chocolate, champagne and rose Swiss meringue buttercream… the ultimate luxurious cake!

7. Sticky Gingerbread, Espresso Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate

This particular gingerbread cake is truly special. It has black treacle and chunks of stem ginger inside, making it a gorgeous sticky, rich and spicy sponge. We’ve paired an espresso cinnamon buttercream with this sponge as the cinnamon adds to the spiciness of the cake, with a hit of coffee for added punch. Decorated with dark chocolate ganache, this cake is super indulgent and perfect for an autumn/winter wedding.

8. Lemon, Fresh Mint, Fresh Raspberries and White Chocolate

If you love the light taste of lemon sponge but you’re looking to jazz it up a bit, this flavour combination may be just what you’re looking for. Absolutely perfect for a spring/summer wedding, this cake has the light, zesty lemon sponge, with a kick of fresh mint Swiss meringue buttercream. Followed by some tart fresh raspberries which add a lovely texture. Decorated with white chocolate ganache to add some lovely sweetness, you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

9. Browned Butter Cake with Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Grapefruit Curd

I’ve only recently discovered the beauty of browned butter, I question where it’s been all my life because I just want to pair it with everything! Browned butter is simply made by cooking melted butter until it reaches a dark colour and has a nutty, buttery and delicious caramel flavour. Think butterscotch with a nutty hint! Paired with the caramel flavours of brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream, it’s an absolute dream. To lift the cake and add some citrus tang, we’ve paired these flavours with a grapefruit curd.

10. Rhubarb Cake with Ginger Buttercream and Homemade Rhubarb and Cardamom Jam

This flavour has been a firm favourite at our local markets. A sour cream and rhubarb sponge is paired with a spicy and creamy ginger buttercream. The cake is sandwiched with my all time favourite jam, homemade with fresh Yorkshire rhubarb and freshly ground cardamom. It’s a real flavour sensation that is bound to surprise and delight your guests.

All of the flavours above can be found on our wedding cake menu, which features a vast amount of wild and wonderful flavour options. Take a look here to pick your perfect wedding cake. To contact us about one of the flavours above for your big day, fill out the wedding cake order form and we will be in touch shortly.

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